Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Quick Word On... Similarity

Sometimes I look at the world, and I really wonder how it can be the way it is. In 20 years, I've never found someone the same as me. Not even wholly physically, but just fundamentally in mindset. Never have I found someone with the same opinions, the same interests, or the same sort of way of looking at the world.

But what I feel can surely not be unique. What am I if not some sort of idealogical cocktail, a gross mish-mash of different views, feelings, opinions and tastes. Where have all these things come from?

I for one don't know. Perhaps people are like snowflakes, and while we all appear the same at a cursory surface glance, through some divine and curious circumstance we all - on closer inspection - show ourselves to the world as completely different from one another. Or maybe we are all the same, and I'm just not searching hard enough for the similarities.

I'm not trying to be arrogant here, I'm not suggesting that everyone should be the same as me, or even that I am different only through my own perceived superiority. I'm just enormously conscious that we are all creatures of variety and surprise, and not even identical twins can always fool people into believing that they are their sibling.

What is it about us, that leaves us so curiously stand-alone, so obviously distinct, so.... alone?

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  1. you may be different babe, but never alone.. do you know why? cause i love you lots :D hehe. (its kate by the way but its making me say anonomys)