Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Quick Word On... Making The Perfect 20th Birthday

Recipe For A Perfect Twentieth Birthday (With Pictures):

Take one night of shenanigans with a brilliant lot of friends.


1x Very Awesome Flying-V Styled Ukulele

1x Game You've Been Hankering Out For But Have Been, And Will Continue To Be Unable To Afford

1x Very Surprising And Incredibly Touching Gift of A TARDIS Cake

I know... A Cake? Surely not! That would have to have like 12 layers... Why yes, it would. Behold and weep!

Finally sprinkle with heaps of text messages, facebook posts, suprise soundtracks, unexpected Star Wars-ian and Drinkable gifts, all of which are greatly appreciated and touching, and almost certainly some of which I will neglect to thank the creators for.

To everyone, my humble and sincere thanks. You're wonderful the lot of you.

It's been a very happy birthday indeed.

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