Sunday, January 16, 2011

MONA FOMA Day 1 - A Re-Cap In Pictures

Saturday 16th January - Day 1 (In Pictures!)

This is the way the weather looks when you get up at 11am to go see an organist, after being out all night at an Amanda Palmer ninja gig:PERFECT.

This is the place the organ plays; gothic, dark and bellowing, impossibly complex with only the two small hands he touches the keys with. And yet...


This is the guy who shows you how to cook carrots (and other vegies) the pro way - and lets you try it with various types of wine, in a play off of flavours from creamy and buttery to sharp and solemn.


This is the only way to sit and enjoy bands in the sun.


This is the greatest writer alive. He has phenomenal accompaniment for his 70-minute story in Fourplay string quartet, and artwork to match perfectly drawn by the wonderful and humble Eddie Campbell. Oh, and his wife plays too after, and this time she gets the reception she deserves, as she and the Black Sea Gentlemen and Jane Austen Argument blow the wharf in two.


This is meeting two of your greatest heroes, and actually having a camera, and someone to click it this time, and actually being able to stop and chat and get your copy of 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer' signed, even though it's midnight and they're obviously exhausted.


This is the sort of thing two amazing people might write in your book if they have only signed a couple, and it's (sort of) their honeymoon and they are very much in love and maybe a little tired.This is it. This is Day 1 of MONA FOMA. This is being surrounded by art, this is being surrounded by artists, this is good beer, this is free entertainment, this is varied and friendly crowds and a shock jolt to the creativity and intelligence of Tasmania. This is only the first day of what is shaping up to be the best festival I've ever been to.

This is perfect.

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