Monday, October 18, 2010

A Quick Word On... The Utas Public Debating Series (2)

Hi everyone!

Just a note to let you all know that the UTas Public debating series videos are up for download online.

They can be found here:

My debate is 'Vegetarian Vampires Suck: What's Good Reading For Young People?' and I encourage anyone who missed it to have a look! Should warn you all that the file is 300mb in size, if you would like to see me in full quality, but smaller streaming versions are there too.

I can also recommend the other debates, which I missed live but have really enjoyed watching online, one of which, 'In Cyberspace No-One Can Hear You Scream', features my thoroughly convincing brother James.

Hope you enjoy, let me know what you all thought!

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  1. Wow that was a fantastic and impressive contribution by you Lyndon.